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Carpet Cleaning in Tega Cay, SC

Healthier, deeper carpet cleaning for your home & business in Tega Cay.

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Carpets will be cleaned deeper, but gently, with our carbonated cleaning.

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Avoid soggy carpets with a faster carpet drying time of 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days.


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Our Green Certified cleaning solution is safe for everyone in the home – kids and pets.

Drier, Cleaner, and Healthier Carpet Cleaning in Tega Cay

  • DRIER. Soggy carpets cause delays to your busy schedule and can lead to additional problems like mold and mildew growth. Our process uses low amounts of water to expedite the drying process to just a few hours. This helps your carpets stay cleaner and healthier in your Tega Cay home!
  • CLEANER. Allergens and dirt don’t tend to stay just on the top of your carpet’s fibers. They also get pushed to the bottom and backing of the carpet, where conventional carpet cleaning methods don’t entirely extract them. Clean Nation Chem-Dry’s innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction method provides a thorough clean that leaves your carpets refreshed and feeling like new.
  • HEALTHIER. It’s common for other carpet cleaners in Tega Cay to use carpet cleaning solutions that are crafted with toxic ingredients. You shouldn’t wonder whether walking on your carpet is safe for the family from how it was cleaned. That’s why we’ve integrated a unique Green Certified solution in our process that’s safe for everyone in the family. You can learn more about the measures we take to ensure a healthy carpet cleaning experience in Tega Cay here.
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Cleaner, healthier carpets are just a few clicks away in Tega Cay.

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Process

To ensure that your home’s carpets retain excellent quality for a long time, it’s essential that they receive not just any type of carpet cleaning but one that leaves them drier, cleaner, and healthier. That’s where Clean Nation Chem-Dry comes in. For years, we’ve been one of the most trusted carpet cleaners in Tega Cay. Our carpet cleaning process results from 45 years of experience and continual innovation from the renowned Chem-Dry® brand.

When you choose Clean Nation Chem-Dry to clean your carpets, you can be confident that you’re selecting the best carpet cleaning service in Tega Cay. With us, your carpets will stay cleaner for much longer as we don’t leave behind a dirt-attracting residue from our utilized solutions. Other carpet cleaners rely on cleaning solutions that are not only toxic to your family’s health but also sticky and don’t tend to get entirely extracted by their cleaning equipment. This leaves behind a dirt-attracting residue that acts like a magnet for new dirt and allergens to settle. You’re left with dirtier carpets much sooner and have to spend more to have them professionally cleaned again.

We have the proof to back up the effectiveness of our process. An independent lab has tested it and found that our service and upholstery cleaning removes approximately 98.1% of allergens. You don’t get these results from your home’s vacuum, and you certainly won’t get them from any other carpet cleaner in Tega Cay.

Get a free price quote on our healthier and deeper carpet cleaning services for your home or business in Tega Cay today. Contact a representative from our team to learn more about our unique process and its benefits.

Read what people in Tega Cay are saying about their experience:


Charlie was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Worth every penny for all of the hard work. After raising three puppies our carpet had definitely seen better days, but now the whole house looks and smells so much better. We had to do several add-ons because of how bad the carpet was, but he was very clear on pricing and the process as we went. I’m happy to say we sold our house after one day of showings and I firmly believe it had a big part to do with our carpeting refresh. – Kaitlin P.


Charlie cleaned our carpet, rugs, and hardwood floors. The service he gave was professional and top notch! There is no one better to get your floors looking brand new! It was a pleasure working with Charlie Garcia during this process. Please give him a call. You will not be disappointed. – Matthew R.


We were beyond impressed with the end result… Not only did our carpet come out looking new but the product to remove pet urine odor worked better than expected. Between the professionalism, job quality, and product performance you can’t go wrong with this company. – Terry C.


Charlie and his helper were very professional, polite, and knew what they were doing. They did a such great job cleaning the carpets in my new house that I’m not going to have to replace them any time soon. The price was very reasonable and they did the job in excellent time! I’d recommend them to anyone. – Donna M.


Charlie and his assistant were awesome. Personable and polite. I had a spot on my kitchen floor, that was hard to remove. But he did. Besides thanking him for his services. Charlie is also a vet, so I also thank him for his service to our country. – Sharon A.

Remove Odors in Carpets

Various odors collect in your home, deeply ingraining into your carpet fibers. Persistent smells, ranging from cooking to pets and children, might linger even after routine professional cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning service in Tega Cay provides the solution to these enduring scents. By using our potent deodorizer, we’re capable of extinguishing even the most resilient odors, infusing your home with freshness and cleanliness.

Moreover, Clean Nation Chem-Dry reliably manages pet-related odors! Our pioneering Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) effectively combats pet urine stains. In fact, the P.U.R.T. strategy is validated to eliminate 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets.

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Get a free price quote on our carpet cleaning in Tega Cay!

See the Difference for Yourself

To determine whether to enlist the services of a carpet steam cleaner or to adopt the Chem-Dry process in Tega Cay, it’s helpful to directly compare these two methodologies. Take a look at the following overview of the benefits that Chem-Dry carpet cleaning affords over traditional steam cleaning.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning
Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction
Typical Steam Cleaning
Carbonating, active cleaning solution Flat, inactive cleaning solution
No soaps or detergents Harsh chemicals and detergents
No sticky residue, resists resoiling Sticky residue encourages resoiling
Low water quantity High water quantity
Low pressure application High pressure application
Short drying time, 1-2 hours Long drying time, 1-2 days
Green solutions, healthier cleaning method Excessive water can cause mold, mildew
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