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Carpet Cleaning in Clover, SC

The healthier and deeper carpet cleaner in Clover.

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Carpets will be cleaned deeper but gently with our carbonated cleaning.

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Avoid soggy carpets with a faster carpet drying time of 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days.


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Our Green Certified cleaning solution is safe for everyone in the home – kids and pets.

Drier, Cleaner, and Healthier Carpet Cleaning in Clover

Clean Nation Chem-Dry provides the residents of Clover, SC, with a wide range of professional residential and commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning enables your family to experience drier, cleaner, and healthier carpets than traditional carpet cleaning methods. That’s because while other carpet cleaners in Clover rely on excessive amounts of water and harsh chemicals to clean your carpets, we use 80% less water than steam cleaning methods and Chem-Dry Green Certified solutions. We provide effective and thorough cleaning for all carpet types from our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method.

Like the name states, we leverage the natural cleaning power of carbonation to dive deep into carpet fibers to extract built-up grime and 98.1% of allergens. This process also tackles the deep-seated stains and traffic patterns your carpets naturally develop over time. Because of these cleaning results, we can help improve indoor air quality inside your home. Regarding carpet cleaning in Clover, “We clean for your health like no one else.®”

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Cleaner, healthier carpets in Clover are just a few clicks away.

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Process in Clover

Clean Nation Chem-Dry offers a deeper carpet cleaning service for a healthier home in Clover. Your carpet fibers continuously trap dirt and allergens from circulating into the air you breathe. That’s why many refer to carpets as acting like a giant air filter in the home. However, your carpets can become full without regular professional carpet cleaning and release these trapped particles. Vacuuming alone won’t solve the issue, and typical steam cleaning methods can promote mold and mildew growth from prolonged moisture exposure.

That’s where Clean Nation Chem-Dry comes in! Using our Hot Carbonating Extraction process combined with a Chem-Dry Green Certified solution called The Natural® and PowerHead® cleaning technology, we can deep clean your home’s carpets to provide unparalleled results. You’ll enjoy improved indoor air quality and an ultimately healthier indoor environment.

Read what people in Clover are saying about their experience:


Very pleased. Charlie did a great job. – Carole H.


Top professional cleaning by Charlie, service technician. Service was beyond expectation and on time. Highly recommend Clean Nation Chem-Dry. – Gary F.


They were on time. My carpets had pet stains, it looks great. I will use them again. – Karen A.


Cleaned our carpets and hardwoods after moving into a new home and potty training a toddler. Our floors look incredible! Kind, professional service! – Katie R.


We were beyond impressed with the end result… Not only did our carpet come out looking new but the product to remove pet urine odor worked better than expected. Between the professionalism, job quality, and product performance you can’t go wrong with this company. – Terry C.

Remove Odors in Carpets

Persistent odors from everyday living – from cooking to pets and children – can get trapped in your home’s carpets, stubbornly resisting even professional cleaning efforts. But fear not, our carpet cleaning service in Clover, SC, has the solution to these pesky issues.

We employ a potent deodorizer capable of banishing even the most stubborn smells, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

And pet owners, we’ve got you covered! Clean Nation Chem-Dry expertly combats pet-related odors. Our revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) deals with pet urine stains efficiently. The P.U.R.T. process has been verified to eliminate 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. Embrace a cleaner, fresher home today with Clean Nation Chem-Dry in Clover, SC.

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See the Difference for Yourself

The best way to decide whether to hire a carpet steam cleaner or to use the Chem-Dry process is to look at the two methods side by side. Look below for a sampling of the benefits Chem-Dry carpet cleaning offers over steam cleaning in Clover.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning
Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction
Typical Steam Cleaning
Carbonating, active cleaning solution Flat, inactive cleaning solution
No soaps or detergents Harsh chemicals and detergents
No sticky residue, resists resoiling Sticky residue encourages resoiling
Low water quantity High water quantity
Low pressure application High pressure application
Short drying time, 1-2 hours Long drying time, 1-2 days
Green solutions, healthier cleaning method Excessive water can cause mold, mildew
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